Chief Something Officer

Luke is the unathletic equivalent of a Brad Pitt/Ben Affleck hybrid, minus all of the good features and replaced by something drawn by a 4 year old.

Luke's extensive knowledge on movies had his movie segment banned before airing due to ONE (1) bad review in 29 years.

While Luke is not recording he is working as a Manager of FP&A where he makes up numbers and presents them with confidence, daring the general public to question him.

Luke can also be found on weekends signing autographs as Michael Phelps where the resemblance starts and ends at physique only.  Luke cannot swim.


The "Talent"

Adam is one of the top 4 best looking members of TBPYNH cast.

With Adam being the fat guy of the group, he willingly tries everything to keep the listeners happy with his food reviews.  His lactose intolerance also allows him to consume ample amounts of dairy with only minor repercussions.

Adam originally had a segment called "Ask Adam" before it was axed before the first official airing.  The only "Ask Adam" segments in history are stored in a vault protected by a fully armed guard so no one ever hears the disgrace.

While he is not recording, Adam works 3 days a week as a freelance artist (logistics), allowing ample time for his budding social life *checks notes* lack of social life with soon to be two children.  Good luck.


The Comic Relief


Andy is the newest addition to the podcast family, which is good for him because according to him, he has "one cat and zero girlfriends."

Andy enjoys fitness (insert whatever joke you want here) and goes to spin class once a week. If you don't know what that entails or why you need a class for it, you are the same as the rest of the world.

Andy has run a marathon. As much as he talks about it, we still can't figure out why anyone would ever do that.

He has seen every Marvel movie, and as you can expect, is "that guy" who complains about the differences from the comics. Every. Time. 

Social Media Czar

Aaron enjoys ample free time being a government employee. Unfortunately, he still isn't paid enough to afford a decent microphone - even more reason for you all to pay your taxes.

When not being a cheapskate, no-good, government employee, Aaron enjoys wearing various sweaters, even if they make him look terrible. 

Generally speaking, you may not be able to follow Aaron as he generally has the most obscure references of anyone on the podcast.

Look for Aaron to join in on special segments and know that any social media posts (or lack of) are probably from him.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Administration, and Awesomeness

Zack (Rookie) enjoys the finer things in life. Why go through fast food like the rest of the cast for this podcast when you could have a homemade bag of Ramen, right at home?

In the duties of SVP, Rookie oversees how we market the podcast within our very, very, very, very meager budget. Additionally, technology and basic administration tasks fall to him (mostly because no one else wants them).

When not working on the podcast, Rookie works for a Fortune 500 company, which still means he has plenty of free time. When not working here or there, he tends to attempt his luck at golf, try the newest craft beer, or hang out with friends. (Yes, basically anything unproductive)

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