PGA Waste Management Open

18. 03. 04
posted by: Luke Mauer

The PGA Phoenix Waste Management Open likely seems like another PGA event to any average golf fan.  However, upon further review, the self-claimed Greatest Show on Grass has something a little unique to offer to the golf world.  The tournament has produced winners such as Brooks Koepka, Kevin Stadler, Phil Mickelson, and this year, Gary Woodland.  Some golfers abosolutely love going to Phoenix and others (Bubba) do not like it so much.  What is all the buzz about the Phoenix Waste Management Open?  Well, it's really just one hole - more specifically, the 16th hole.

The 16th hole is the last of the four Par 3s and is rated the second easiest hole on the course.  Sounds ordinary, right?  Wrong.  The 16th at Phoenix is the loudest hole in all of golf.  If you show up and don't hit the green, expect to be booed louder than ever before.  If you miss a putt, expect to be heckled and yelled at.  If you Par the hole, expect to feel like you've let thousands of fans down in their time of most need.  But, and it's a big but, if you manage to birdie the hole, or goodness forbid get a hole in one, prepare to feel like you've just helped the world defeat the largest villain in the world as you're now a hero to be carried around on peoples' shoulders.  This doesn't sound much like golf, does it?  Some people are very against the antics at the 16th hole in Phoenix.  Bubba Watson has openly stated he does not care to ever play in Phoenix, going as far as to say he was only playing because of his sponsors in recent tournaments.  In one of his first visits to the Waste Management Open, Bubba bogeyed the hole and was nearly booed off the course with some fans yelling "You f***ing loser!" and "Your fans must be embarrassed!!"  In the 2018 version, Bubba was booed from start to finish, regardless of his score.

Want to visit the rowdiest hole in golf?  Want to know more?  Well, look no further than our guest on Episode 2 of the Best Podcast You've Never Heard as we talk to Craig Storie who was live at the 16th hole earlier this year to enjoy the 2018 PGA Phoenix Waste Management Open.  Get his take on the event, excitement, and what it takes to secure a spot on the 16th.

Photo credit to Craig and his group of friends pictured on the 16th hole in Phoenix in 2018.