Changes at the Master's

18. 03. 19
posted by: Adam Land

“The tee box for Masters Tournament play on the 455-yard, par-4 hole could be pushed back an estimated 20-30 yards across Old Berckmans Road. The new tee would alleviate congestion at the fourth green and current fifth tee, which are just a few yards apart. An Augusta National spokesman said Friday that no definitive plans have been announced for any work on the fifth hole and that the site plans were filed so the club could explore its options.” – Kyle Porter, from CBS Sports

Everyone who plays/watches golf knows one thing, Augusta National in Augusta, GA is the holy grail of golf.  It hosts the Master’s tournament every year; the only major which does not change venues, and has gone through it’s fair share of changes as the game has evolved.  

The most recent discussions for changes at Augusta National would take place on the 5th hole, a current 455-yard par 4 that we could see stretched to nearly 500 yards by the 2019 Masters.  This change, as you can read about and see above, would actually mean relocating a public road to accommodate the new tee box.  What other course could make a decision to change the course and move a public road and it not seem outlandish?  The paperwork has already been filed for this to take place, but nothing is set in stone.  

The article mentioned this helping with congestion on the course and not about lengthening the course since players now hit it further but I don’t know if I buy that.  I think this is a classic course making changes for exactly the reason of lengthening the course.  It is no secret that Augusta National can be over powered; look at Bubba’s success there, and I think they want to change that.  I believe this move will happen and it will not be there last, keep your eyes peeled for more lengthening coming in the future at Augusta National, if only it were as easy for the “average” guy to add length as it is at Augusta National!