Lactose Intolerance No Match for Taco Bell's New Menu Items

18. 04. 09
posted by: Adam Land

Now before you start, yes the fat guy is writing about new fast food items; but if it’s one thing I know, its good fast food.  When I heard this week that one of my favorites was releasing new items, I had to make sure I tried it out and let everyone know if it was legit or not.

This week Taco Bell released the Triple Melt Burrito and the Triple Melt Nachos, same base ingredients, different mouth delivery options.  I ordered both of these when I went to Taco Bell tonight, completely ignoring my slight lactose intolerance as I usually do.  Both items were very good, and only $1, I would order both again for sure.

Now, the negatives of both are there, but slight, thus why I would order them both again.  The burrito, in my personal opinion it needs a crunch element, but I always prefer the burrito’s that have Frito’s in them, which is why I’m pumped for the return of the Beefy Crunch Burrito.  The only negative for the nachos was the expected concern for $1 nachos, too small, and not enough toppings for all the chips.  
There was a third new item I tried out for you all too – but that one is reserved for the food review on this week’s episode of The Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard.