Not Your Father's Blue Bloods

18. 04. 09
posted by: Adam Land

March Madness 2018 just ended, Villanova beat Michigan to win their second National Championship of the last three years.  Blue Blood right? Not in a lot of peoples opinion.  Actually, most people you would ask, typically the old school college basketball fan, would say the Blue Bloods consist of UCLA, Kentucky, UNC, IU, Duke, and possibly can add Kansas and/or Georgetown to that list.  Well, for me, and probably most of our listeners, that list is completely outdated.  

We live in an era of instant gratification; we want the newest of everything all the time.  Why not an updated list of Blue Bloods?  I’m 29, I haven’t seen consistent success from a majority of that list in my fandom life, so for me that leaves me wanting more from said list.  Below I have broken down how I feel the current Blue Blood tiers should work.

My criteria for the list of Blue Bloods is year 2000 to now, obviously some will make the “both” list, but to be “new” the success is gauged from 2000 because that’s when I remember really beginning to pay attention to NCCAB.  

New Blue Bloods
Tier 1
Villanova – 2 National Titles since 2016
UNC – 3 National Titles since 2005
Duke – 3 National Titles since 2001

Tier 2
Connecticut – 3 National Titles since 2004 – has missed tournament last 2 years, just fired head coach
Kansas – 1 National Title in 2008 – wins the Big 12 every year, consistently deep in the tournament
Kentucky – 1 National Title in 2012 – Best recruiting class every year and always underachieves (they are lucky I didn’t stick them in tier 3)

Tier 3
Florida – Back to Back titles in 2006-2007, very little success in the tournament since
Michigan State – 1 Title is 2000 – consistent top 5 team who underachieves in the tournament

New and Old Blue Bloods
UNC – See above – Also won titles in 57, 82, and 93
Duke – See above – Also won titles in 91 and 92
Kenucky – See above – Also won titles in 48, 49, 51, 58, 78, 96, 98
Kansas – See above – Also won titles in 52 and 88

Former Blue Bloods
UCLA – 11 National Titles – 1 since 1975 in 1995 – this means no titles in 23 years, last time I checked that meant a team was not relevant
IU – No titles since 1987 – I wasn’t alive in 1987, how can people my age honestly think they are a Blue Blood?? (if this offends you then you are one of the problems)
Georgetown – 1 Title ever – The John Thompson era has been long since over – maybe Ewing can help out but the fact they were ever considered on this list is a bit crazy to me

Have thoughts?  Issues? Your own list?  Please reach out – let’s discuss.