Battle of the Characters Part 2

18. 04. 22
posted by: Adam Land

As Luke mentioned in his blog post our minds at TBPYNH have been churning ever since we were asked about the battle to the death with a Disney Princess, and since Luke wanted to assume it was a battle royal we decided to make it one.  By this time you have already read about the princess battle, so now I am bringing you a tournament of Disney/Pixar characters that are not princesses.  I will preface this with the rankings are random (Buzz would never be a 16) and with the bad rankings look for a magical Cinderella story!  I also chose only one character from each movie, but did have to include sequels as there were not enough good options without doing so.  The bracket is as follows: 

1. Dory (Finding Dory)
16.  Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story 3)
8.  Sully (Monsters Inc.)
9.  Wall-E (Wall-E)
5.  Genie (Aladdan)
12.  Mr. Incredible (the Incredibles 2)
4.  Mater (Cars)
13.  Nemo (Find Nemo)
6.  Flik (Bugs Life)
11.  Anger (Inside Out)
3.  Woody (Toy Story 2)
14.   Mike Wazowski (Monsters University)
7.  Remy (Ratatouille)
10.  Lightning McQueen (Cars 2)
2.  Mr. Potato Head (Toy Story)
15.  Frozone (The Incredibles)

Now that you have seen the rankings, I think you can all imagine how this is likely to play out with a higher seed taking the trophy.  
First round and the upsets are already taking place.  The 16 seed Buzz takes out Dory, who seemed to forget that she was there to fight.  Sully turned Wall-E into a pile of nuts and bolts.  Mater runs over Nemo to move on.  Flik advances after Anger gave himself an aneurysm when he blew his top.  Woody found a snake in his boot and got eliminated by Mike Wazowski while distracted.  Lightning McQueen took out Remy since it was car vs mouse.  Frozone turned Mr. Potato Head into shredded hashbrowns to move on.  The battle of the giants was the 5 vs 12 battle of Genie vs Mr. Incredible, at the end of the day the strength of Mr. Incredible could not compete with the magic Genie possessed and Genie moved on.

After all of the upsets in round one we only see one big upset in round two which is Mike Wazowski over Flik, turned out that being a monster makes you more dominant than being a bug, who knew.  Other round two battles, Genie used his magic to rust out Mater even more than he already was leading him to defeat.  Sully takes down Buzz Lightyear due to Buzz not falling with enough style.  Lastly, Lightning McQueen runs down Frozone leaving him in a cold pile.  

The Semi’s bring another battle of the giants in Sully vs Genie, Genie thus far has used his magic to blow through people and this round is no different using his magic to turn Sully into a new magic carpet for Aladdan to fly around on.  The second semifinal matchup has Lightning McQueen once again using his horsepower to overtake an opponent.  Just like that, we lose both the Monsters Inc characters in the same round.  

The finals, a 5 seeded Genie vs a 10 seeded Lightning McQueen, like I mentioned before, the rankings have it set up for a low seed to take the title.  Unfortunately, for the Cars fans out there this finals matchup is not even close, turns out a magic Genie in this competition is a bit unfair as he puts the blinders on the “ka chow” and eliminates Lightning McQueen to claim the title of Disney/Pixar Character Champion.