Golf Leage - North Branch (Meadow/Prairie)

18. 04. 30
posted by: Luke Mauer

It's the first time the group has gotten to play golf together and we chose the windiest day in the history of the United States.  With gusts of up to (seemingly) 75 mph, it was an interesting day on the links.  The Meadow and Prairie were the two courses of choice.  There is a reason we play with handicaps and after applying handicaps, the three regulars (Aaron, Adam, and Luke) were within 4 shots of one another.  A couple shots could have swayed this thing one way or another.  With that being said, Adam took honors with a net 72.  Luke had a net 74 and Aaron had a net 76 (real scores 94, 100, and 91 respectively).  So could Luke break the curse of 100?  No.  Is Aaron still the best golfer we have?  Somehow yes.  Did Adam break any clubs?  Not that I saw.  Here's how the round went:

The Meadow was untraditionally played first to avoid any conflicts if the course got busier later.  No one used driver and only Aaron hit the fairway.  The round was underway. The first 9 was particularly unkind to Luke.  He averaged 5.5 on par 3s, 5.8 on par 4s, and a dastardly 8.0 on par 5s, including a 9.  Only 15 putts, but that shows how bad the rest of the round was.  One par, 5 double bogeys, 2 triples, and that 9 we discussed earlier.  It wasn't pretty.  Adam played the par 3s at 4.5, par 4s at 5.4 and par 5s fairly well at only a half stroke over par - 5.5.  His 18 putts left a little to be desired as he had one 3 putt and one 1 putt.  He hit 4 fairways (out of 7) and was doing well off the tee.  His front 9 47 consisted of only one triple bogey, 1 par, 6 bogeys, and 1 double.  Aaron led the field on the Meadow with a 46; however, had 19 putts that he'd love to get better control of.  Two 3 putts hurt him on the Meadow side as well as one quadruple bogey.  He, too, was only a half stroke over par on the par 5s, scored a bogey average 4.0 on par 3s and was a lat 5.4 on par 4s.  As is normal, Aaron had 4 FIRs and 2 GIRs.  He had 3 pars, 4 bogeys, one double, and the "other" we touched on.  Aaron took the lead into the Prairie.

One the Prairie, the group was joined by Joey Dwenger who only seemed to calm Luke down.  On the back, Luke calmed his score down and averaged 3.5 on the par 3s, 5.2 on the par 4s, and 6.0 on the par 5s (only one on the back).  He did have 17 putts and left a couple strokes out there, but overall scored much, much better - carding a round best 44 on the back.  The only downside?  When you start with a 56, it's tough to break 100 and Luke cannot get over the curse.  2 pars, 5 bogeys, 2 doubles to play bogey golf and show glimpses of the Luke that could be a force in the TBPYNH Golf League.  Adam tightened up the putter on the back 9 only putting 14 times, but everything else seemed to go out of whack.  He did average a bogey on the par 4s (6 of them), but averaged a double on the par 3s and doubled the only par 5.  He putted only once on both par 3s.  He had 2 pars, 4 bogeys, 2 doubles, and one other - a difficult 7 on the par 3 over the water when he hit two into the hazard.  The wind was atrocious (with video proof).  Aaron again struggled with the putter, putting 18 times for a total of 37 on the round.  He, very similar to Adam, averaged a 5 on par 3s, 5 on the par 4s, and scored a 7 on the only par 5.  Per the usual, he hit 5 fairways, but only one green in regulation.   2 pars, 5 bogeys,12 doubles, and one triple bogey on the par 4 3rd into the wind with the flag up top.  A hole where the tee shots were comical at a minimum.  You could see the balls coming backwards in the wind.

Overall, Aaron and Adam each collected two skins and Luke had one on the back with a par.  No birdies were carded during the round, thanks in part to the windy conditions but there was a lot of fun to be had.  The group is yet to put together a phenomenal round while playing together, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable.  Until next time, get your clubs cleaned off and be ready to join us for some fun golf courses in the near future.  More updates to come.