SNL - Black Jeopardy

18. 05. 11
posted by: Luke Mauer

In our latest episode, we talked about Donald Glover hosting Saturday Night Live and the overwhelmingly positive reaction for his skits (extra props for A Kanye Place).  But this conversation turned into our favorite skits and my all time favorite SNL Skit was Celebrity Jeopardy; that is, until I saw Black Jeopardy.  The original SNL Celebrity Jeopardy was hosted by Will Ferrel as Alex Trebek.  Black Jeopardy is hosting by Kenan Thompson (yes from Kenan and Kel) as Darnell Hayes (or Alex Treblack).

In the original Celebrity Jeopardy, Sean Connery always misreads the titles and hates on Alex, mistakenly saying "who reads" as "whore ads" and "the pen is mightier" as "the penis mightier."  But nothing beats Kenan in his role as the host of Black Jeopardy.  The entire skit is hilarious as it takes such a lax view in today's up tight world.  It's refreshing and new.

The best episode includes Tom Hanks (YouTube link below) and has categories such as "Big Girls," "You Better," "Mmm...I don't," and as always "White People."  Thompson makes the show as the host replying to correct answers with "You damn right!" and his slow growth of love for Tom Hanks during this episode.  Other categories on episodes feature "Aw Hell Naw," "Fid'na," and "Bye, Felicia."

Check out the episode below and let us know your favorite SNL sketches.