I Forgot My Locker Combo...

18. 09. 04
posted by: Luke Mauer

In the last few weeks, it's been apparent that everyone on the pod has the same recurring dream.  No, not that we make it big and are a successful podcast - but close!  Everyone is dreaming that we keep forgetting our locker combos.  I wasn't sure what it meant so I headed to the only reliable source I knew to figure it out...Wikipedia.

To dream that you cannot open a locker or that you forgot the combination suggests that you are unsure of where you stand in a particular situation.  You feel you have lost some aspect of yourself.  In other words, you are on shaky ground.  I can only assume this means the podcast is in the great hands of a bunch of lost souls.  But let's dig further.

If you dream about contacting your guidance counselor - it may mean you have a secret crush...possibly on her.  WOW!  Travis, this one is basically in your dreams!

Okay, so we've lost something - we're on shaky ground.  But what could it mean?  Fear no more.  I've dug into each person to determine why they may be feeling this way!

Zack - Rookie is probably feeling a little shaky...he's lost something.  His dignity after another shit draft beer rating.  Some would argue this guy lost his taste buds a long time ago but I'm giving him a little hope yet...maybe.

Adam - Adam's lost something lately and I think we can all assume it's his microphone since he's not been on the pod.  Maybe he lost his computer?  Or...more realistically...he's lost his balls.  What the hell has he been doing with his Thursday nights?  Having date nights?

Joe - I think Joe is part of this team.  He's one of those one and done-ers.  Was he a guest?  Is he a member?  I don't know.  But he's lost - or shaky.  Let's hope he's not too shaky because he just welcomed his first child into the world.  Congratulations, Joe!  But that will soon be dethroned with the loss of...your life.  You might as well be Adam, now.  Welcome to the team.

Travis - Travis is the new guy on the block who talks about Fantasy Football and his mic sounds like he found it on Andy's street.  Fear not - he's getting a new one!  So what has he lost?  $10, sure, but that's an investment.  Travis has lost his manhood.  Dude Wipes?  Okay - once this week, I may have found myself wondering, BUT...until that day actually arrives, you get minus points.

Kyle - Kyle's is probably the easiest - Kyle just lost the deposit at his apartment.  I can't imagine there wasn't a mess after his 9-9-9 challenge last week.  Yikes.  I hope your roommate is okay.

Aaron - Aaron surely isn't still part of this team, is he?  He's lost his way alright.  His way to the damn computer every Thursday night.

Joey - shit, I almost forgot Joey (not sure how).  Joey has done lost his damn mind.  He thinks people want to talk about golf every week and then bashes the nerds.  I mean look - golf, nerds, and wrestling are the 3 worst things about the pod - and we just got a KUDOS for wrestling.

And finally, Andy - shaky ground doesn't seem to be the normal Andy we know - right?  Lost something?  Well, I'm pretty sure he's lost his cell phone because every time I've text him in the past two weeks he hasn't responded.  That's not cool, Andy.  How about when Andy lost...the ball?  You know, in sectional?  Out of bounds?  Ring a bell?  How about his pet?  Remember when Andy lost his pet...probably all of them - to the Vet lab? (jk, PETA, relax)  No, no, but Andy has officially lost....HIS FANS.  I know, how many could he have had?  BUT, in this here post, Andy promised his fans he would do blog posts and he's officially considered to have let them down.  Not only that, but Cousin Kyle has been killing the blogs (check out his 25th blog here) and the fans are jumping ship!  Will Andy lose his job soon?!  Stay tuned....

Okay, we've all lost our way a little bit, but this is just a short reminder to let you know we are all working very hard to get you guys great content on the weekly.  Thanks for being a fan, thanks for following, and thanks for your support.  We love you and remember:  The next time you dream about losing all your teeth - you're fine.  You're just kind of a nerdy little shit like Andy.