Kyle's Money Shot - Weekend 10/4-10/8

Here we go folks, we're back at it again for another weekend of degenerate, fun-filled gambling! We've got a good mix of NFL and NCAA games with some overs sprinkled in!

Sport Visitor Home Spread Over/Under Win/Loss/Push
NFL Colts Patriots Colts+10   Spread - Loss
MLB Braves Dodgers Dodgers-1.5   Spread - Win
BYU Utah State BYU BYU +1   Spread Loss
NCAA Bama Arkansas 1st  half Bama -23   Spread - Win
NCAA IU OSU 1st half IU+17   Spread - Win 
NCAA Texas Oklahoma Okla -7   Spread - Loss 
NCAA LSU Florida LSU -3   Spread - Loss 
NCAA SMU UCF UCF -24 Over 74 Spread - Win     Over - Loss
NCAA Nebraska Wisconsin   Over 60.5 Over - Win
NCAA Notre Dame VT ND -7.5   Spread - Win
NFL Baltimore Cleveland Bal-3.5   Spread - Loss
NFL Rams Seahawks Rams-8   Spread - Loss 
NFL Greenbay Detroit Green Bay-2  Over 50 Spread - Loss Over - Win 
NFL Dallas  Houston Houston -3   Spread - Push
NFL Washington New Orleans NO - 6   Spread - Win, Moneyline - Win
NFL Denver Jets Denver-1.5   Spread - Loss
NFL Cardinals 49ers Cards+3 Cards+130 Spread - Win Moneyline - Win
MLB Bewers Rockies Mil+1.5 Mil+145 Spread - Win Moneyline - Win
MLB Dodgers Braves Dodgers-1.5   Spread - Loss
        Lock of the Week Records 2-0
        Weekly Record 13-10-1
        Overall Record 25-21-2

We had a rough loss on Thursday Night Football for the Colts+10, but the best part about gambling is that there's always another game - or in the above case, there's a lot more games.

And my Lock of the Week a.k.a Kyle's Money Shot - Notre Dame -7.5 @ VT - I think Notre Dame has looked very good and Ian Book at QB is exactly what they need to be a serious contender. LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE ANOTHER MONEYSHOT WIN, the locks of the weeks are looking hot at 2-0

Let's get rich everyone! - Good Luck and have a great weekend!

Kyle's Money Shot - Weekend 9/27-10/1

Well, here it is folks. I am going to be documenting my journey to becoming a gambling addict. I’m taking over the “Best Bets” segment with a little special treat called “Kyle’s Money Shot” and yes, it will be just as messy as it sounds. So feel free to follow along with my bets and either join in or make fun of how much money I lose. Either way, here we go. So welcome to the inaugural installment. I’ll be sure to update this listing as the games are played, so check back in throughout the weekend, and feel free to reach out to me through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Let’s get rich.


Sport Visitor Home Spread Moneyline Over/Under Win/Loss/Push
NCAAF Memphis Tulane Memph-15.5     Spread - loss
NCAAF OSU Penn St OSU-4.5   Over 69.5 Spread - Loss, Over - Loss
NCAAF Purdue Nebraska Purdue-4   Under 58.5 Spread - Win, Under - Purdue is too good
NCAAF WVU Texas Tech WVU-4     Spread - Win - Money Shot 
NCAAF USC Arizona USC-3.5     Spread - Win
NCAAF Syracuse Clem Clem-24.5     Spread- loss 
NCAAF Rutgers IU IU-17.5     Spread- loss 
NCAAF Army Buffalo Buffalo-7     Spread- loss 
NCAAF Pitt UCF UCF-14     Spread- Win
NFL Vikings Rams Rams-7   Over 49.5 Spread- Push, Over - Win
NFL Texans Colts Houston+1.5 Houston   Spread- Win, Moneyline - Win
NFL Cincinnati Atlanta Cin+3.5     Spread- Win 
NFL Bucs Bears Bears-3     Spread- Win 
NFL Jets Jags Jags-9     Spread- Win 
NFL Miami Patriots Pats - 7     Spread- Win 
NFL Baltimore Pittsburgh Baltimore+3     Spread- Win
NFL Kan City Denver Cheifs-5   Over 54.5 Spread- Loss Over - Loss 
NFL Browns Raiders Browns+2.5 Browns   Spread- Loss Moneyline - Loss 
          Lock of the Week Records 1-0-0
          Weekly Record 12-11-1
          Overall Record 12-11-1

Bonus Parlay - Virginia Tech +190, South Carolina +105, Oregon -3, LSU -11, Purdue -3.5.  Miss (Fucking South Carolina Blew it)

NFL Parlay - Jaguars -9, Patriots -7, Baltimore +3, Kansas City -5, Kansas City/Denver Over 55. Miss 


And my Lock of the Week a.k.a Kyle's Money Shot - West Virginia -4 over Texas Tech. Country Roads Take Me Home! (BIG WINNER)


Overall - not a great record - but I had a blast and we can try again next weekend!

Best Bets - Week 17 - June 25, 2018

MLB Games for Monday, June 25th (Adam's Birthday), 2018

A's @ Tigers

Nationals @ Rays

Indians @ Cardinals

Cubs @ Dodgers

Adam nearly blanked, going 1-3 in MLB.  Andy with a nice rebound going 3-1.  Luke goes 2-2.


World Cup Games for Monday June 25, 2018

Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt

Uruguay vs. Russia

Iran vs. Portugal

Spain vs. Morocco

Two ties, oddly in Soccer.  Luke and Andy go 1-1-2.  Adam goes 0-2-2.  Yikes, World Cup.

Best Bets - Week 18 - July 9, 2018

MLB Games for Monday, July 9, 2018

Cincinnati Reds @ Cleveland Indians

Washington Nationals @ Pittsburgh Pirates

Chicago Cubs @ San Francisco Giants

Luke 2-1

Andy 1-2

Adam 0-3...shocking.

Best Bets - Week 16 - June 18, 2018

MLB Games for Monday, June 18, 2018

New York Yankees @ Washington Nationals

Milwaukee @ Pittsburgh

Arizona @ Los Angeles Angels

New York Mets @ Colorado

Things seem back in order here.

Luke 3-1

Adam 2-2

Rookie 1-3

Andy 0-4 (nice week, Andy)

Aaron 0-4 (ouch)

World Cup Games for Monday, June 18, 2018

Sweeden vs. South Korea - SWEEDEN WINS!

Belguim vs. Panama - BELGUIM WINS!

Tunisia vs. England - ENGLAND WINS!


I'm marking Andy down as 0-3 because he sucks.  Adam with the lone loss - Panama hasn't done anything since that one canal thing they did.  Luke, Aaron, and Rookie 3-0 on World Cup.