Best Bets - Week 4 - March 26, 2018

NBA Picks for Monday, March 26, 2018

LA Lakers @ Detroit Pistons - both Adam and Luke are on the Pistons and hate Lonzo Ball.

Denver Nuggets @ Philadelphia 76ers - both Adam and Luke TRUST THE PROCESS (76ers)

New York Knicks @ Charlotte Hornets - both Adam and Luke agree Charlotte is the right pick.


NHL Picks for Monday, March 26, 2018

Colorado Avalanche @ Vegas Golden Knights - Luke takes the expansion Golden Knights while Adam takes the Avalanche.

Calgary Flames @ LA Kings - Adam take Calgary because, Canada.  Luke takes the Kings with KOPITAR.



The Pistons defeated the LA Lakers 112-106 behind  Reggie Jackson's 20 pts - both Adam and Luke were correct.

The 76ers defeated the Nuggets 123-104 as Markelle Fultz played his first game since October and scored 10 points.  Luke and Adam were both correct.

The Hornets edged out the Knicks in an OT thriller 137-128 as Kemba Walker scored 31.  Luke and Adam were both correct.

In the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights won 4-1 over the Avalanche.  Luke is correct, Adam was incorrect.

The Kings blew out the Flame(s) with a 3-0 shutout - and no surprise, Kopitar had both a goal and assist.  Luke wins.  Adam loses.