Best Bets - Week 5 - April 3, 2018

NBA Pick for Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Toronto Raptors @ Cleveland Cavaliers - Luke on the Cavs, as always.  Adam on the Raptors because he's bitter.

MLB Picks for Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Boston Red Sox @ Miami Marlins - Luke and Adam both on Boston as Miami looks horrible this year.

Cleveland Indians vs. LA Angels - Luke goes with the Angels and Adam, again bitter, goes with the Indians.

NHL Pick for Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Boston Bruins @ Tampa Bay Lightening - Luke takes the Lightening and Adam, shockingly, is bitter - taking the Bruins.

Adam is trying to make a run and show he is the best - who are you with this week??


Cleveland defeated Toronto 112-106 behind LeBron's 27 pts.  Luke wins with the Cavs - Adam loses.

The Red Sox defeated the lowly Marlins, although it took 13 innings.  Luke and Adam were both correct.

The LA Angels defeated the Indians 13-2 as Shohei Ohtani hits his first MLB home run in his first at bat in LA.  Luke wins, Adam loses.

The Lightening shut out the Bruins 4-0 as Luke also goes 4-0 and Adam loses again, finishing 1-3.

LUKE RULES.  Bet with him.