Best Bets Week 9 - April 30, 2018

NHL Playoff Games for April 30, 2018

Bruins @ Lightening (Game 2) Adam says Bruins steal game 1 and the Lightening win game 2.  Andy chooses Boston as much as it kills him.  Luke also takes the Lightening.

Golden Knights @ Sharks (Game 3) Adam takes the scientific approach and takes the Sharks to take the 3-0 lead in the series and win game 3.  Andy confirms the science and also takes the Sharks.  Luke takes the Vegas Golden Knights.

MLB Games for April 30, 2018

Colorado Rockies @ Chicago Cubs - Clean sweep, everyone on the Cubs this week.

Pittsburgh Pirates @ Washington Nationals - Adam takes the Nationals, Andy takes the Pirates with confusing logic, Luke takes the Nationals.


The Lightening beat the Bruins 4-2, making Adam and Luke correct.  Andy loses.

The Golden Knights beat the Sharks 4-3 in OT, making Luke correct; Adam and Andy lose. (Sharks don't always eat people)

The Cubs win 3-2 for the accurate clean sweep for all experts.

The Nationals win 3-2, making Adam and Luke correct.  Andy loses.

Luke goes 4-0, Adam a surprising 3-1 thanks to picking the same as Luke.  Andy struggles at 1-3.

Join us next week as we correctly predict the Kentucky Derby!