Best Bets Week 10 - May 7, 2018

MLB Games for Monday May 7

Detroit Tigers @ Texas Rangers.  Adam, Andy, and Zack take the Rangers.  Luke takes the Tigers.

Washington Nationals @ San Diego Padres.  Adam takes Washington, Andy is so torn and hates picking Nationals games.  He takes the Padres.  Luke and Zack also take the Nationals.

NBA Playoffs for Monday May 7

Boston Celtics @ Philadelphia 76ers.  Adam takes the 76ers to prevent the sweep since Boston is up 3-0.  Andy takes Boston on the road (even though he hates Boston?).  Luke takes the 76ers.  Zack takes Boston.

Toronto Raptors @ Cleveland Cavaliers.  Adam, Andy, and Luke take the sweep, Zack hates LeBron and takes the Raptors.

Kentucky Derby Predictions

Adam - Vino Rosso - 9th

Andy - Noble Indy - 17th

Luke - Magnum Moon - 19th

Zack - Promises Fulfilled - 15th


The Texas Rangers defeated the Detroit Tigers 7-6.  Adam, Andy, and Zack win - Luke loses.

The Washington Nationals defeated the San Diego Padres 8-5.  Adam, Luke, and Zack win - Andy loses...against the Nationals....again.

The 76ers defeated the Celtics to avoid elimination - just as Adam predicted! Adam and Luke correct.  Zack and Andy wrong.

The Cavaliers sweep the Raptors winning 128-93. Adam, Andy, Luke correct.  Zack wrong.