Best Bets - Week 13 - May 28, 2018


I'm late posting this week, so I'm skipping straight to the results.

Reds @ Diamondbacks - both Luke and Andy were on the Diamondbacks and they didn't disappoint.  Both win.

Astros @ Yankees - Luke took the defending champs and Andy took the Yankees.  Astros win, giving Luke the nod.

Nationals @ Orioles - for some reason Andy went against the Nationals, Luke would never.  Nats win.

Giants @ Rockies - both are on the Rockies and the Rockies win.

Cardinals @ Brewers - Luke on the beer drinking Brewers, Andy takes the Cards.  Brewers win.

Cubs @ Pirates.  Andy picks the Cubs every time at home - so tries them on the road this time.  It works!  Cubs win!  Cubs win!

Total Tallies: Luke goes 5-1; Andy goes 3-3


For the NBA we had a.) will there be a game 7.  Andy says no, but picks GS if there is.  Luke says yes and picks Rockets.  They're both 50/50.  There was indeed a Game 7 and the Warriors win.


The NHL Stanley Cup Finals started with the Washington Capitals @ the Vegas Golden Knights.  The Knights win, scoring an empty net goal late, 6-4.  Andy wins.  Luke loses.