Best Bets - Week 14 - June 4, 2018


Skipping to results again because I can't post these in time (I mean you are listening to the podcast, right?)

Diamondbacks @ Giants - Rookie on the Giants; Luke, Adam, and Andy on the Dbacks. Giants win 10-3

Royals @ Angels - Luke on the Royals; Everyone else on the Angels of Anaheim of Cali or something. Angels win 9-6

Braves @ Padres.  Adam and Andy do not care about our new friend Phil Hughes and picked Atlanta.  Luke and Rookie love Phil.  Padres. Padres win 11-4

NBA - Game 2 - Cavs @ Warriors (-12.5).  Adam takes the Cavs with the spread and the other 3 take the Warriors.   Warriors win by 19.

NHL - Game 4 - Golden Knights @ Capitals.  Adam takes the Knights to go up 3-1.  Everyone else on the Caps.  Caps win 6-2 and take a 3-1 lead.  Maybe Adam was confused?

Zack 3-0 in MLB, 1-0 in NBA, 1-0 in NHL - A CLEAN SWEEP!

Luke 1-2 in MLB, 1-0 in NBA, 1-0 in NHL.

Andy 1-2 in MLB, 1-0 in NBA, 1-0 in NHL.

Adam 1-2 in MLB, 0-1 in NBA, 0-1 in NHL. (and 0-1 in predictions)