Best Bets - Week 5 - April 3, 2018

NBA Pick for Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Toronto Raptors @ Cleveland Cavaliers - Luke on the Cavs, as always.  Adam on the Raptors because he's bitter.

MLB Picks for Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Boston Red Sox @ Miami Marlins - Luke and Adam both on Boston as Miami looks horrible this year.

Cleveland Indians vs. LA Angels - Luke goes with the Angels and Adam, again bitter, goes with the Indians.

NHL Pick for Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Boston Bruins @ Tampa Bay Lightening - Luke takes the Lightening and Adam, shockingly, is bitter - taking the Bruins.

Adam is trying to make a run and show he is the best - who are you with this week??


Cleveland defeated Toronto 112-106 behind LeBron's 27 pts.  Luke wins with the Cavs - Adam loses.

The Red Sox defeated the lowly Marlins, although it took 13 innings.  Luke and Adam were both correct.

The LA Angels defeated the Indians 13-2 as Shohei Ohtani hits his first MLB home run in his first at bat in LA.  Luke wins, Adam loses.

The Lightening shut out the Bruins 4-0 as Luke also goes 4-0 and Adam loses again, finishing 1-3.

LUKE RULES.  Bet with him.

Best Bets - Week 4 - March 26, 2018

NBA Picks for Monday, March 26, 2018

LA Lakers @ Detroit Pistons - both Adam and Luke are on the Pistons and hate Lonzo Ball.

Denver Nuggets @ Philadelphia 76ers - both Adam and Luke TRUST THE PROCESS (76ers)

New York Knicks @ Charlotte Hornets - both Adam and Luke agree Charlotte is the right pick.


NHL Picks for Monday, March 26, 2018

Colorado Avalanche @ Vegas Golden Knights - Luke takes the expansion Golden Knights while Adam takes the Avalanche.

Calgary Flames @ LA Kings - Adam take Calgary because, Canada.  Luke takes the Kings with KOPITAR.



The Pistons defeated the LA Lakers 112-106 behind  Reggie Jackson's 20 pts - both Adam and Luke were correct.

The 76ers defeated the Nuggets 123-104 as Markelle Fultz played his first game since October and scored 10 points.  Luke and Adam were both correct.

The Hornets edged out the Knicks in an OT thriller 137-128 as Kemba Walker scored 31.  Luke and Adam were both correct.

In the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights won 4-1 over the Avalanche.  Luke is correct, Adam was incorrect.

The Kings blew out the Flame(s) with a 3-0 shutout - and no surprise, Kopitar had both a goal and assist.  Luke wins.  Adam loses.

Best Bets - Week 2 - March 12, 2018

NBA Picks for Monday, March 12, 2018

Milwaukee Bucks @ Memphis Grizzlies:  Luke is on Milwaukee and the Greek Freak.  Adam also on Milwaukee

Sacramento Kings @ Oklahoma City Thunder: Luke is taking OKC at home with a Westbrook Triple Double. Adam is on the Thunder as well.

San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets: Luke picks Houston at home with Harden dropping 32 points.  Adam says SA will end Houston's win streak.

Miami Heat @ Portland Trailblazers: Luke will take Portland (with a 30% chance of a Bigfoot sighting) in a close one.  Adam takes Portland with a slightly smaller chance of a Bigfoot sighting.



Bucks over Grizzlies - both correct.

Thunder over Kings - both correct AND a Russell Westbrook triple double. *check mark*

Rockets over Spurs - Luke correct (James Harden had 28 points).  Adam incorrect (and Houston ended win streak the game prior).

Blazers over Heat - both correct (and I think 1 in 3 people may have saw Bigfoot?)

Best Bets - Week 3 - March 19, 2018

NBA Picks for Monday, March 19, 2018

Milwaukee Bucks @ Cleveland Cavaliers - Luke faithfully takes the Cavs (1-2 career)  Adam avoids them and goes with the Greek Freak (Bucks)

Charlotte Hornets @ Philadelphia 76ers - Luke and Adam both Trust the Process (76ers)

Chicago Bulls @ New York Knicks - Adam on the Knicks at home, Luke taking the Bulls

Golden State Warriors @ San Antonio Spurs - Luke on the Warriors without Steph or Klay and Adam also says the Spurs lose; however, will make the playoffs.

Place your bets, folks!  Who are you trusting this week??


Cavaliers beat the Bucks 124-117 behind LeBron's monster triple double.  Luke correct, Adam incorrect.

The 76ers defeat the Charlotte Hornets 108-94 behind a Ben Simmons triple double.  Both Adam and Luke were correct.

The New York Knicks won 2 straight for the first time since January 30th to make Adam correct on the Knicks and Luke wrong with the Bulls.

The San Antonio Spurs rallied late to beat the Warriors 89-75, making both Adam and Luke incorrect.  Kevin Durant was ruled out after the picks were final.  Figures.

2-2 for both gentlemen this week - stay tuned next week for some more BEST BETS.

Best Bets - Week 1 - March 5, 2018

Arkansas @ Alabama – Luke and Adam picked Alabama. Wrong.

Kansas @ Texas Tech – Luke and Adam picked Kansas. Correct.

Auburn @ Florida – Luke picked Florida – correct. Adam picked Auburn – wrong.

Thunder @ Warriors – Luke and Adam picked Warriors – wrong.

Spurs @ Cavs (Sunday) – Luke and Adam picked Cavs – wrong.


Virginia @ Louisville - Luke and Adam picked Virginia.  Correct (buzzer beater).

Western Kentucky @ Middle Tennesse - Luke and Adam picked Middle Tennessee.  Correct.

Cleveland @ Philadelphia - Luke picked Cleveland - wrong.  Adam trusts The Process (Philadelphia) - correct.

Brooklyn @ Sacramento - Luke and Adam picked Sacramento - Kings win in OT.  Correct.


For Monday 3/5/2018:

Milwaukee Bucks @ Indiana Pacers (-2.5).  Adam is on the Bucks, while Luke is going with the hometown Pacers.  Pacers win by 3.

Detroit Pistons @ Cleveland Cavaliers (-6.0). Luke faithfully picks the Cavs (0-2 career).  Adam agrees, skeptically. Cavs win by 22.

Boston Celtics (-9.0) @ Chicago Bulls. Luke and Adam both on Boston. Celtics win by 16.

Portland Trailblazers (-2.0) @ LA Lakers. Luke picks Bigfoot and Portland.  Adam picks Portland without Bigfoot. Blazers win by 5.

Luke goes 4-0 and covers all spreads while Adam only drops the Pacers/Bucks game.