Best Bets - Week 15 - June 11, 2018

NBA – Game 5 (if necessary) Cavs @ Warriors - Rookie doesn't think Game 5 is necessary.  Warriors in 4.  Adam and Andy think Game 5 is necessary but are going with the Warriors winning 4-1.  Luke won't give up on those Cavs - he's taking them in Game 4 and Game 5 (but thinks it'll end in 4). Rookie wins!

NHL – Sunday Game 6 (if necessary) Golden Knights @ Capitals - Luke doesn't think a game 6 is necessary - he picks Capitals in 5.  Adam, Andy, and Zack are all on the Caps in game 6 to win 4-2.  Spoiler Alert (as appropriately used all of the podcast).  CAPS WIN IN 5!!  Luke wins!!!!

Blue Jays @ Rays
Cubs @ Brewers
Padres @ Cardinals
Pirates @ Diamondbacks


I'm going to give Rookie a 1-0 on NBA...even though we don't keep his records.  Luke 1-0 in NHL; Adam, Andy, and Rookie 0-1.

Luke 1-3

Adam 4-0

Andy 1-3

Rookie 3-1


Best Bets - Week 14 - June 4, 2018


Skipping to results again because I can't post these in time (I mean you are listening to the podcast, right?)

Diamondbacks @ Giants - Rookie on the Giants; Luke, Adam, and Andy on the Dbacks. Giants win 10-3

Royals @ Angels - Luke on the Royals; Everyone else on the Angels of Anaheim of Cali or something. Angels win 9-6

Braves @ Padres.  Adam and Andy do not care about our new friend Phil Hughes and picked Atlanta.  Luke and Rookie love Phil.  Padres. Padres win 11-4

NBA - Game 2 - Cavs @ Warriors (-12.5).  Adam takes the Cavs with the spread and the other 3 take the Warriors.   Warriors win by 19.

NHL - Game 4 - Golden Knights @ Capitals.  Adam takes the Knights to go up 3-1.  Everyone else on the Caps.  Caps win 6-2 and take a 3-1 lead.  Maybe Adam was confused?

Zack 3-0 in MLB, 1-0 in NBA, 1-0 in NHL - A CLEAN SWEEP!

Luke 1-2 in MLB, 1-0 in NBA, 1-0 in NHL.

Andy 1-2 in MLB, 1-0 in NBA, 1-0 in NHL.

Adam 1-2 in MLB, 0-1 in NBA, 0-1 in NHL. (and 0-1 in predictions)

Best Bets - Week 12 - May 21, 2018

MLB Games for Monday, May 21, 2018

San Diego Padres @ Washington Nationals - All 3 experts (and Rookie) on the Nationals.
Atlanta Braves @ Philadelphia Phillies - Luke and Adam on the Braves; Andy and Rookie on the Phillies - wait, Adam now on the Phillies.  Luke the only one on the Braves.
Miami Marlins @ New York Mets - All 4 on the Mets.
Arizona Diamondbacks @ Milwaukee Brewers - Luke, Zack take Dbacks; Andy, Adam take Brewers.
New York Yankees @ Texas Rangers - Luke and Andy on the Yankees; Zack and Adam on the Rangers.
Detroit Tigers @ Minnesota Twins - Luke, Zack, and Adam on the Twins; Andy on the Tigers.
Baltimore Orioles @ Chicago White Sox - Luke on the White Sox with Zack; Andy on the Orioles with Adam.
Kansas City Royals @ St. Louis Cardinals - Luke, Andy, and Zack on the Cards, Adam on the Royals.
Colorado Rockies @ LA Dodgers - Luke and Rookie on the Rockies, Adam and Andy on the Dodgers at home.

NBA Playoffs for Monday, May 21, 2018

Boston @ Cleveland - Luke, Andy, and Adam on Cleveland; Zack is anti LeBron (again) and takes Boston.


San Diego Padres @ Washington Nationals - All 4 correct with a Nationals 10-2 win.
Atlanta Braves @ Philadelphia Phillies - Phillies win 3-0, making Luke the lone loser.  Adam, Andy, Zack win.
Miami Marlins @ New York Mets - All 4 on the Mets with a win 2-0.
Arizona Diamondbacks @ Milwaukee Brewers - Brewers win 4-2, proving Adam and Andy right.  Luke and Zack lose.
New York Yankees @ Texas Rangers - Yankees win 10-5 giving Luke and Andy the nod.  Zack and Adam lose.
Detroit Tigers @ Minnesota Twins - Twins win 4-2 giving Andy the lone loss this time.  Luke, Adam, and Zack win.
Baltimore Orioles @ Chicago White Sox - Luke, again, the lone loser as the White Sox fall again.  Zack, Adam, and Andy win.
Kansas City Royals @ St. Louis Cardinals - Luke, Andy, and Zack on the Cards and they win 6-0.  Adam loses.
Colorado Rockies @ LA Dodgers - Rockies edge out the Dodgers 2-1 giving Luke and Zack the wins.  Adam and Andy lose.

Solid week in MLB: Andy and Zack go 7-2; Adam and Luke go 6-3.  Hope you bet with us this week!

Boston @ Cleveland - Luke, Andy, and Adam win with Cleveland tying the series 2-2.  Zack loses due to stubbornness.

Best Bets - Week 13 - May 28, 2018


I'm late posting this week, so I'm skipping straight to the results.

Reds @ Diamondbacks - both Luke and Andy were on the Diamondbacks and they didn't disappoint.  Both win.

Astros @ Yankees - Luke took the defending champs and Andy took the Yankees.  Astros win, giving Luke the nod.

Nationals @ Orioles - for some reason Andy went against the Nationals, Luke would never.  Nats win.

Giants @ Rockies - both are on the Rockies and the Rockies win.

Cardinals @ Brewers - Luke on the beer drinking Brewers, Andy takes the Cards.  Brewers win.

Cubs @ Pirates.  Andy picks the Cubs every time at home - so tries them on the road this time.  It works!  Cubs win!  Cubs win!

Total Tallies: Luke goes 5-1; Andy goes 3-3


For the NBA we had a.) will there be a game 7.  Andy says no, but picks GS if there is.  Luke says yes and picks Rockets.  They're both 50/50.  There was indeed a Game 7 and the Warriors win.


The NHL Stanley Cup Finals started with the Washington Capitals @ the Vegas Golden Knights.  The Knights win, scoring an empty net goal late, 6-4.  Andy wins.  Luke loses.

Best Bets - Week 11 - May 14, 2018

Adam decided to go 4-0 last week in Best Bets, making us pick 10 games this week to ensure it NEVER happens again.

MLB Games for Monday, May 14, 2018

Atlanta Braves @ Chicago Cubs.  Adam and Andy on Cubs.  Luke on Braves

Tampa Bay Rays @ Kansas City Royals. Adam on Royals; Luke and Andy on Rays.

Cleveland Indians @ Detroit Tigers. Adam and Luke on Indians; Andy on Tigers.

Oakland Athletics @ Boston Red Sox. Adam and Andy on Sox; Luke on the A's.

Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins. Adam and Andy on Mariners; Luke on Twins.

Milwaukee Brewers @ Arizona Diamondbacks.  All 3 on Diamondbacks.

Houston Astros @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on the West Coast, probably in California. Luke and Adam on Astros; Andy on Angels.

Colorado Rockies @ San Diego Padres. Adam and Luke on Padres, Andy on the Rockies.

Cincinnati Reds @ San Francisco Giants.  Reds are on a SIX GAME WINNING STREAK and everyone took the Giants.  Yikes.

NBA Playoffs on Monday, May 14, 2018

Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets - Game 1.  Adam and Andy are on the Warriors; Luke is on the Rockets.


The Braves beat the Cubs 6-5 continuing the streak of killing Andy's Cubs at home all year.  Luke wins; Adam and Andy lose.

The Rays beat the Royals 2-1.  Luke and Andy correct, Adam incorrect.

The Tigers beat the Indians 6-3 - Andy the only one on the Tigers.  Luke and Adam lose.

The A's beat the Red Sox 6-5.  Luke the only one on the A's.  Adam and Andy lose.

Mariners squeak out the Twins 1-0 giving Adam his first MLB win of the day along with Andy.  Luke loses.

All 3 experts were on the Diamondbacks.  They lose 7-2.

Angels win 2-1 giving Andy the lone win.  Adam and Luke lose.

Rockies edge out the Padres 6-4.  Andy wins.  Luke and Adam lose.

All 3 on the Giants over the Reds....they do win, 10-7.

Final tallies: Adam 2-7, Andy 6-3, Luke 4-5

Warriors beat the Rockets in Game 1 - 119-106.  Adam and Andy were on the Warriors, Luke loses.