18. 06. 08
posted by: Luke Mauer

We got cut a little short on the podcast this week, but I didn't want you guys to miss out of Food Facts - so here's a fun little story.  On Thursday, I was eating lunch at work when I was browsing Twitter and came across something that caught my eye.  Burger King tweeted that they had Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries and I think I only saw pretzel.  I scarfed the rest of my lunch and then I headed to Burger King to get lunch.  Yes.  I ate lunch and then went and ate lunch because I was so interested in these.  I think I thought these were pretzels, but they weren't.  They were chicken fries - with some pretzel mixed in on the outside?  I was so excited to even try these...and let me tell you.  They WERE. NOT. GOOD. *sad face emoji*

Everything I have read says these SOUND delicious - and they do.  They weren't even advertised at BK and I thought I was stuck in the drive thru with no exit, but I asked and they said they had them.  I also asked for Cheese Dipping Sauce because I thought they were pretzels and they said they didn't have any?  I'm not sure what kind of sauce should come with these?  Regardless - here's the scoop.  These were chicken fries.  Almost period - however, the outside was coated in a couple pretzel sprinkles which actually just made these super salty.  It's like they salted the chicken fries and then they added some salt and called it a pretzel?  I didn't taste any pretzel (which is what caught my eye in the first place) and mostly just tasted salt.  I didn't end up with a dipping sauce and overall my exciting experience was cut very short.  These are disappointing and I wouldn't recommend to anyone.  You are better off just taking some sea salt and sprinkling it on your regular chicken fries as you watch your sodium levels increase.  Burger King, you've done it again - and that's not a compliment.  Disappointing.


Review: 4.2/10

18. 04. 26
posted by: Luke Mauer

One of our biggest fans reached out - shout out Travis - and asked that we try the Southwest Avocado Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's so that's exactly what I did this week.  I will admit, this is the first time in my life I've ever had avocado.  I'm not going pretend Wendy's is the bar in terms of what avocado should taste like - however, I have no other comparisons.  And, to me, avocado tasted like....nothing.  It had zero taste?  It was just something green to make my sandwich look different.  There were three (3) options to have your chicken - original, spicy, or grilled.  I went with original on this one just so I could truly judge the remainder of the sandwich without the spicy interfering.  Grilled would have been too messy - and speaking of messy - this sandwich is definitely that.  I generally get fast food so I can eat it in my car on the way to golf and this was not possible to do.  I ate about 1/4 of it and had to wait until I parked to eat the rest.  It was a "gourmet" sandwich, fit for a knife and fork in some cases.  At $5.99 for the sandwich alone, it's a little pricey for the fast food realm, but I'll leave that part out of my review.

The sandwich contains (via Wendy's) pepper jack cheese, southwest ranch, applewood smoked bacon and cool, creamy avocado.  It also comes with lettuce and tomatoes.  The southwest ranch, cool (indeed cool temperature wise) avocado, bacon, and chicken was a very unique and great taste to an already good chicken sandwich.  I think once I've had it - I would try the spicy chicken to up the anti a little bit.  Pepper jack cheese is one of my favorites, so that was a nice add.  Overall, this sandwich was good - not great.  I think honestly I would just go with the normal chicken sandwich, but I wasn't opposed to this.  The southwest ranch was very good and added a nice kick - but I'm not sure if it beats out the traditional mayo and lettuce. (Wendy's has the best mayo ever)  Overall, I'm going to say a good sandwich - fun while it lasts, but will not become a staple on my list.

Travis, have you tried this?  Anyone else?  Thoughts?


Review: 6.7/10

18. 03. 15
posted by: Luke Mauer

I made a bold move the other day and visited the local Dairy Queen where I made an entire meal out of new items from their Fresh Baked Menu.  The advertisement I saw said everything on the Menu was $2, but my total said otherwise.  *Check your local DQ for prices*  On the fresh baked menu, there are 4 items.  I was going for the clean sweep.  However, my local restaurant did not have the potato wedges, so I was forced to only try 3 of the 4 items.  I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, the BBQ Chicken Wrap, and the Fresh Pretzel Sticks with Cheese.

Let's start with the bad.  Maybe bad isn't the right word as much as underwhelming.  Both wraps were very crispy at times and part of my tortilla had to be thrown away in fear of chipping a tooth.  The actual food was good, but it was just not well put together.  It was a messy blend of a nice piece of chicken, great flavor, and a horribly wrapped tortilla.  These items were average and that is about all I can say.  I'm rating them both a 5.2 and would not recommend our fans sprinting out to try them.  HOWEVER, there was another item in store.

The soft pretzel sticks with cheese were possibly one of the best fast food items I have had to date.  Admittedly, I am a soft pretzel fanatic and I will try nearly any of them.  I've had pretzels from TGI Fridays, Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings (famous for wings, why not try a pretzel), high school athletic games, movie theaters - look, if there's a pretzel to try, I've tried it.  So, I see my self as some sort of pretzel connoisseur, and I was up for the test.  Now, granted this is a fast food pretzel, so the standards weren't super high; however, this was a thing of beauty.  The pretzel, itself, was a bit airy and flat, but that also helps you not to fill up on bread.  What I'm here to tell you about is the cheese.  It's advertised as a soft pretzel stick with cheese, which is a necessity for pretzels (preferably beer cheese) - but this was no ordinary cheese.  This was white queso cheese!  With a spice!  The cheese absolutely brings this pretzel together and all 3 of my sticks were gone before I knew it.  I nearly went back for 2nds but I wasn't sure if DQ frowned upon that.  Overall, for a fast food item, I was going to make this the highest rated item in TBPYNH history - but I digressed slightly and stayed with an open mind.  This is well deserving of an above average score and I would recommend all of our fans to head to your local DQ for your soft pretzel fix while it lasts!

Review: 7.5/10

18. 04. 05
posted by: Luke Mauer

I stopped by Burger King on my lunch, something I have found myself saying way more often than I should.  Generally I hit up Burger King once a year but I had to prove Adam's ratings and then I had to try their spicy chicken sandwich.  I'm here to talk about the latter.  I've mentioned on the podcast that I'm generally not a burger guy at fast food joints.  I (almost) always go with chicken, so I'm somewhat of an expert on chicken sandwiches.  So, I strolled through, ordered a Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, got an order of the CHEESY tots, and then something else on the menu popped out at me.  The Oreo Cheesecake?  Sure, why not.  Let's complete the order.  I never get a drink because I drink water (so I can constitute eating 2,000 calories a meal) and it was just a hair under $10.

I eat the lack-of-cheese tots first out of courtesy and then get into my sandwich.  I got it with "all the fixins" as they say in the...wherever the hell they say that (which consisted of lettuce and tomato) but I will give BK props on this - they put Mayo on both sides of the sandwich.  Not done often but makes a big difference.  I appreciate that, King.  Overall, as far as the sandwich goes - it was good - but it was a spicy chicken sandwich.  Zero difference between this and the Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich - which isn't necessarily bad, but I forgot I was trying something "new".  Overall, still gets a higher rating than a normal chicken sandwich for me, but nothing over the top.

P.S. check out the podcast for my gushing on the Oreo Cheesecake, which is a must and also there is a Twix cheesecake that I'll likely try, too.


Review: 6.8/10


18. 03. 04
posted by: Adam Land

My last review I discussed that the item I got was at a fast food place I don't frequent due to lack of choices in decent side items. Well, for this one I sought out an item from a fast food restaurant I don't frequent due to lack of quality in their food items. This is what I am willing to do for all of the listeners out there, I will go and try items at restaurants I don't even like. Regardless, I saw this item on my list and knew I had to try it because, let's be honest; this item could have gone either way, great or terrible, with no in between.

Perhaps I should have took it as a sign when I got to the ordering box and asked "do you all still have the fruit loops shake" and the response was "uhhh yea we do" sounding very unsure of why anyone would actually order it. Regardless, I went in with an open mind, took a drink as soon as it came through the window, and it sure doesn't make you wait long to decide the quality you just received. The first taste was very little ice cream and just crumbs of fruit loops; it was almost a dusty feeling in my mouth. Upon several more sips and letting it melt down a little to maybe blend the two better it became very obvious that this was not going to get any better than terrible. It comes in a 16oz size and I threw away roughly 15oz's, which is not normal for me, I can typically toughen through and drink anything but this was on another level of bad. It tasted like soggy Fruit Loops just thrown into vanilla ice cream and blended, very half assed. This would be better if they had added some sort of Fruit Loop flavor instead of just dumping the cereal into a shake. This will not be an item I EVER order, or take a drink of again.

Review: 2.1/10