Dairy Queen Fresh Bakes Menu

18. 03. 15
posted by: Luke Mauer

I made a bold move the other day and visited the local Dairy Queen where I made an entire meal out of new items from their Fresh Baked Menu.  The advertisement I saw said everything on the Menu was $2, but my total said otherwise.  *Check your local DQ for prices*  On the fresh baked menu, there are 4 items.  I was going for the clean sweep.  However, my local restaurant did not have the potato wedges, so I was forced to only try 3 of the 4 items.  I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, the BBQ Chicken Wrap, and the Fresh Pretzel Sticks with Cheese.

Let's start with the bad.  Maybe bad isn't the right word as much as underwhelming.  Both wraps were very crispy at times and part of my tortilla had to be thrown away in fear of chipping a tooth.  The actual food was good, but it was just not well put together.  It was a messy blend of a nice piece of chicken, great flavor, and a horribly wrapped tortilla.  These items were average and that is about all I can say.  I'm rating them both a 5.2 and would not recommend our fans sprinting out to try them.  HOWEVER, there was another item in store.

The soft pretzel sticks with cheese were possibly one of the best fast food items I have had to date.  Admittedly, I am a soft pretzel fanatic and I will try nearly any of them.  I've had pretzels from TGI Fridays, Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings (famous for wings, why not try a pretzel), high school athletic games, movie theaters - look, if there's a pretzel to try, I've tried it.  So, I see my self as some sort of pretzel connoisseur, and I was up for the test.  Now, granted this is a fast food pretzel, so the standards weren't super high; however, this was a thing of beauty.  The pretzel, itself, was a bit airy and flat, but that also helps you not to fill up on bread.  What I'm here to tell you about is the cheese.  It's advertised as a soft pretzel stick with cheese, which is a necessity for pretzels (preferably beer cheese) - but this was no ordinary cheese.  This was white queso cheese!  With a spice!  The cheese absolutely brings this pretzel together and all 3 of my sticks were gone before I knew it.  I nearly went back for 2nds but I wasn't sure if DQ frowned upon that.  Overall, for a fast food item, I was going to make this the highest rated item in TBPYNH history - but I digressed slightly and stayed with an open mind.  This is well deserving of an above average score and I would recommend all of our fans to head to your local DQ for your soft pretzel fix while it lasts!

Review: 7.5/10