Arby's Brownie Bites

18. 03. 02
posted by: Luke Mauer

I pulled up to Arby's drive-thru before work eager and excited to try the new, delicious Arby's Oreo Bites. I ordered a 4 piece for under $3 and I nearly ripped the bag out of the cashier's hand when I pulled around to the window. I quickly pulled the first one out, a little concerned it didn't burn my fingers. I tossed it in my mouth to taste a Luke(me)-warm piece of fluff. I chewed what would be more comparable to a doughy biscuit than a donut. The inside (Oreo crème) seeped out, barely, with the same neutral temperature. I ate another, and another, and the result was consistent. These were not what I had expected.

I was expecting a nice warm treat - not the oozing Oreo crème that burned my mouth for the next week, but a hot morning donut. I was utterly disappointed. Each Oreo bite brought on slightly more disappointment that Arby's did not get this one right. The only plus side is I felt much better after eating the Brownie Bites than I generally do after one donut. The consistency was a plus for me, but that's about it. Arby's, these are for a limited time only and you should bury the recipe afterwards and never dig them back up - unless you learn to make a hot, crispy, perfect Brownie Bite!

Review: 4.6/10