Pretzel Chicken Fries - Food Review

18. 06. 08
posted by: Luke Mauer

We got cut a little short on the podcast this week, but I didn't want you guys to miss out of Food Facts - so here's a fun little story.  On Thursday, I was eating lunch at work when I was browsing Twitter and came across something that caught my eye.  Burger King tweeted that they had Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries and I think I only saw pretzel.  I scarfed the rest of my lunch and then I headed to Burger King to get lunch.  Yes.  I ate lunch and then went and ate lunch because I was so interested in these.  I think I thought these were pretzels, but they weren't.  They were chicken fries - with some pretzel mixed in on the outside?  I was so excited to even try these...and let me tell you.  They WERE. NOT. GOOD. *sad face emoji*

Everything I have read says these SOUND delicious - and they do.  They weren't even advertised at BK and I thought I was stuck in the drive thru with no exit, but I asked and they said they had them.  I also asked for Cheese Dipping Sauce because I thought they were pretzels and they said they didn't have any?  I'm not sure what kind of sauce should come with these?  Regardless - here's the scoop.  These were chicken fries.  Almost period - however, the outside was coated in a couple pretzel sprinkles which actually just made these super salty.  It's like they salted the chicken fries and then they added some salt and called it a pretzel?  I didn't taste any pretzel (which is what caught my eye in the first place) and mostly just tasted salt.  I didn't end up with a dipping sauce and overall my exciting experience was cut very short.  These are disappointing and I wouldn't recommend to anyone.  You are better off just taking some sea salt and sprinkling it on your regular chicken fries as you watch your sodium levels increase.  Burger King, you've done it again - and that's not a compliment.  Disappointing.


Review: 4.2/10