KFC Smokey Mountain Chicken

18. 03. 04
posted by: Adam Land

Let me start off by saying I rarely am out looking for something to eat for dinner and settle on KFC; not because I don't enjoy KFC, but mostly because their side dishes leave plenty to be desired in my world. Today I was asked by my wife to get KFC, she's pregnant and was craving chicken, and I was not in the mood to put my life on the line and argue one of her cravings. While on my way to the drive through I began to hear one terrible commercial play over and over again in my head, it was Reba dressed as the Colonel and singing about "smokey mountain barbecuuuueeeeee" yes you all know the one I'm talking about. Well Reba must have been speaking straight to me because this terrible commercial did its job; it helps that I am influenced relatively easily when food is involved (yes I'm a fat guy).

I waited until I was home to break into the tenders, only a psycho would dive into sauce-dipped tenders while driving. The tenders were still warm when I got them home (roughly 8 minutes) and I dove straight in like an animal. First bite was free of any dipping sauces, I wanted it to be pure and authentic, and this was different, this wasn't the typical KFC quality tender, these were on a different level. They truly are sweet and smoky as advertised, I did eventually use a dip as well to test them with a dip and the ranch helped elevate them even more. After eating these tenders I can honestly say KFC will now get considered while out looking for food, they would become a staple if they had some actual quality fries as a side, who in this world actually prefers a soggy ass potato wedge to a French fry, probably the same psycho who would eat dipped-tenders while driving. Overall this is a quality product from a bottom feeder fast food restaurant.

Review: 7.3/10