Burger King Froot Loop Shake

18. 03. 04
posted by: Adam Land

My last review I discussed that the item I got was at a fast food place I don't frequent due to lack of choices in decent side items. Well, for this one I sought out an item from a fast food restaurant I don't frequent due to lack of quality in their food items. This is what I am willing to do for all of the listeners out there, I will go and try items at restaurants I don't even like. Regardless, I saw this item on my list and knew I had to try it because, let's be honest; this item could have gone either way, great or terrible, with no in between.

Perhaps I should have took it as a sign when I got to the ordering box and asked "do you all still have the fruit loops shake" and the response was "uhhh yea we do" sounding very unsure of why anyone would actually order it. Regardless, I went in with an open mind, took a drink as soon as it came through the window, and it sure doesn't make you wait long to decide the quality you just received. The first taste was very little ice cream and just crumbs of fruit loops; it was almost a dusty feeling in my mouth. Upon several more sips and letting it melt down a little to maybe blend the two better it became very obvious that this was not going to get any better than terrible. It comes in a 16oz size and I threw away roughly 15oz's, which is not normal for me, I can typically toughen through and drink anything but this was on another level of bad. It tasted like soggy Fruit Loops just thrown into vanilla ice cream and blended, very half assed. This would be better if they had added some sort of Fruit Loop flavor instead of just dumping the cereal into a shake. This will not be an item I EVER order, or take a drink of again.

Review: 2.1/10