Power Rangers - Movie Review

Power Rangers (2017)

I've bypassed the circuits and hacked into the website.  Movie reviews are finally here!!  For my first official movie review, I thought I'd go for some nostalgia and try out the Power Rangers movie from 2017.  As a kid, I was a huge power ranger fan.  I was a fan of Jason, the Red Ranger, and also the Green Ranger (and wasn't there even a White Ranger?).  My brother liked the Black Ranger because his name was Zack.  Naturally.  Well, this film depicts the original five rangers and a small backstory on how they came about.  It's complete with Zordon and Alpha 5 as well as a strong villain (made out of gold?).  Did Power Rangers live up to the explosive hype?  Not in my book.

I actually enjoyed the first 90 minutes of the movie significantly better than the last 40 minutes.  Maybe I got bored as my movie attention span generally ends at 90 minutes, or maybe the action scenes were just awful, but the character development was on point.  During the first half (or 3/4) of the movie, you are introduced to characters who all have distinct motivations and backstories and you are allowed to get invested.  When one character (spoiler) "dies" you feel a little sad inside.  It takes quite some time for the team to finally morph for the first time, but once they do, the movie goes to hell.  The action scenes just didn't do it for me and the movie fell apart at that point (plus, wasn't Kimberly supposed to be the hot ranger?).  I think if you take the character build of this movie with a different plot, it's a solid foundation; however, the two didn't seem to intertwine with me.

Overall, this was a Power Rangers movie in 2017.  I didn't have huge expectations going in - but ultimately this was a little bit of a let down.  Not even the nostalgia was enough to save this film. 


Rating - 5.1/10