47 Meters Down - Movie Review

47 Meters Down (2017)

As most of you know, I'm a guy who loves his sleep.  I go to sleep very early every night and I get up very early in the morning.  It's just how it happens.  So, generally, when I start a movie at 8pm, I expect to finish half and then ruin the rating by breaking it out over several days.  Last night when I started 47 Meters Down, I expected the same.  But boy was I wrong!  I fell asleep before the beginning credits!  Kidding, I stayed up through the whole movie in what some would call a Christmas miracle, but I'm here to tell you why.

I'm a sucker for shark movies.  I always have been - no clue why.  They just normally fascinate me (minus Sharknado as I'm unsure how that exists, let alone 4 times).  The second thing most of you know is that I CANNOT swim.  So, for me, shark movies are both terrifying because of the shark and also because of the real life situations where people start to run out of air under water and I get all anxious and sweaty and have to take deep breaths in between my boxes of candy.  This was no different at several junctions but here's what I loved.  Sure, the movie was predictable, but remember, I like shark movies - so I know how they go!  You don't LOVE the characters in this movie, but you sympathize with some of what they're dealing with.  (What?  Lisa's the only one to ever get dumped for being boring?  Doubt it) 

So an average shark movie would still get a decent rating from me, but there is a crazy twist at the very end of this movie that alters the way you feel.  It's almost a gut check - but it's great.  The actual true ending leaves a little to be desired so I'm docking a half point, there but overall this is a good film, especially for all you shark fans out there!  Maybe I'll do movie Shark Week this year to count down my favorites all time - but for now, enjoy in the relic that is 47 Meters Down.


Rating: 6.9/10