My Cousin Vinny - Movie Review

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

If you haven't listened to Episode 9 of our podcast, please do so immediately.  If you have, you know that Adam has started to mandate my movie reviews in fear that you, the listeners (and readers) don't care about the films that I choose - and his picks are somehow better (probably similar to our Best Bets segment.....).  Regardless, I'm here today to review the 1992 film, My Cousin Vinny.

I went in open-minded - unlike what I generally do when Adam gives me suggestions - and I was pleasantly surprised.  This is a full on comedy film with classic actor Joe Pesci, yet has a serious enough overtone to be regarded as a true film. The opening scene sets the pace for the characters in what could be an early adaptation of "Dumb and Dumber."  The two friends mistakenly steal a can of Tuna which is the premise of why they end up on trial.  Oh, and the fact that there was a murder at the grocery and they're being accused.  It's quite hilarious to watch the confessions and interrogations when the cops are quite obviously talking about a murder case and the characters are referring to the stolen can of tuna.  There are many underlying misconceptions in the movie which brings out some pure gold comedy.

Underrated in the movie is Marisa Tomei, who is absolutely beautiful and perfect as Vinny's fiance.  They argue constantly (because they're New Yorkers), but her role is played beautifully.  Pesci also does a brilliant job as a stand-in lawyer with 6 weeks experience (or is it 16 years?) jumping right into a murder trial for his distant cousin.  Overall, the pace was quick, the movie was entertaining, and I'm always a fan of a good court room film. (see The Judge from 2014 as a prime example).  Vinny has to navigate getting out of his own way to give his "clients" a chance in a murder case that is stacked so high against them, it seems impossible to win.  Between trains, farmers, and a crazy loud whistle in the morning, and the south (Alabama) being much, MUCH, different than New York - Vinny has to pull out all the stops.  This is a grade-A classic that I'm glad Adam made me watch.  It's going to get an above-average rating and watching this, I'm now certain of one thing - it was not viewed in Mr. Cruser's class.  Andy, you were wrong.

Rating: 7.5/10