The Do-Over - Movie Review

The Do-Over (2016)

In my never ending nightmare of reviewing Adam Sandler movies in the 2010s, Adam (Land, not Sandler) recommended (forced) I watch The Do-Over.  A film that he had already seen, yet still is making me watch.  Although The Do-Over was slightly better than last week's The Week Of featuring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, this film with Adam Sandler starring* next to David Spade still left a lot to be desired.  The idea is cool - so I can't decide if this would be better suited as a Action/Drama or a Dramedy with different actors.  I admittedly am not the biggest David Spade fan and Adam Sandler hasn't been good since the 90s - but I went in open minded.

The movie is about two old friends who meet up and talk about how miserable their lives are and one of them (Sandler) decides to fake their deaths.  Spade took a bit to come around, but he finally agrees and the two go on to live new secret lives as two deceased millionaires.  The adventure they go on contains a lot of spoilers, so I'll steer clear, but it has some good parts.  The ending, just like the last one, is a feel-good ending and I'm a sucker for feel good endings.  The movie, though, is a lot of the same.  It's geared for 13, 14, and 15 year olds and maybe a couple 16 year olds (that's an improvement).  It's certainly better than Zohan, The Cobbler, and Jack & Jill (why have I watched so many awful Adam Sandler movies?) but it's far from the (few) good Sandler movies out there.


Review: 6.1/10