When We First Met - Movie Review

When We First Met (2018)

There's something about a movie I didn't know existed that is directly on Netflix and recommended from a friend with a checkered movie past that I'm not always overly excited to watch.  Regardless, I tuned in to When We First Met in which turned out to be a pleasant (and heartbreaking) surprise.  Adam Devine (Noah) was on my short list of actors I vowed to never watch another movie as his role in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was so awful it made me hate the movie.  But I gave him a chance and he was a bit refreshing, even if at times he was a bit overboard.

When We First Met is the story of Noah (Devine) who meets a girl one night and he fast forwards 3 years and he royally screwed up.  He somehow figures out how to time travel through a photo booth (used on the first night he met her) and he gets to try again (and again....and again) to make it right!  It's perfect.  All of us have had the one that got away, right?  Mine was in Myrtle Beach...at a...nevermind.  This movie is fun, refreshing, and has a fun twist that you won't see coming (unless of course now you're looking for it).  It's a fun movie about second chances with a great message about life.  I'll give Devine another shot in the future and possibly forget Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates exists.

Check out the film and let me know if you enjoyed it.  Now if only I could figure out how to make a time machine work...

Review: 7.2/10